Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Speak Scoobish 101

Did you know? I am bilingual. I can speak 2 languages. I speak English and Scoobish. I'm still learning my Scoobish though, as its a very complicated language indeed. In fact, Scoobish makes English look super scary easy.

You are probably sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out what country Scoobish comes from. It's actually a very small country, population 4, located on the mid East Coast of the United States smack between Richmond, Va. and Washington, D.C. In fact, the country is so small, only those who live in the country or are descendents/ancestors understand the language.

It is an odd language to speak. It really is. It contains smatterings of English, sometimes just enough to give you a taste of what is being said, but most often, it takes a while to get it. There are no books to translate from Scoobish to English, either. Nope. This is just one you've got to learn by experience.

As bad as English can be giving two words the same sounds, yet different meanings (and spellings too), Scoobish is far worse. You really have to be paying attention to figure out which "Llehllel" is being mentioned, because "Llehllel" has 3, sometimes more, different meanings. It can mean "pillow". It can mean "yellow". It can mean "ice cream". It can even mean "egg". It can mean anything that the speaker doesn't want to say the proper name for (the supercalifragilisticexpalidocious of the Scoobish tribe).

There's also "deedledeedledee" which can mean "blanket", "tissue", or "there's a booger in my nose". It can also mean all the same things as "Llehllel". And have I mentioned "no" yet? "No" has all sorts of meanings. It means "yes", "nose", "no", "mine", "maybe", "I'm not tired", "I'm not", or "stop". "No" can mean everything that "Llehllel" or "deedledeedledee" doesn't. The key to understanding the language is knowing which meaning is being applied.

Because guessing the wrong thing can be bad. Very, very bad. Super scary you've-never-heard-a-baby-dragon-screech-like-that-before bad. It can be throw-yourself-on-the-floor-in-a-wailing-arms-flailing-legs-flying-fit-of-rage bad.

There are also some things I love to hear in the Scoobish language, because well, it just sounds so dang cute. There's the whole hands raised to imply "where is" accompanied by "Nana?" (which means Jellybean in Scoobish) or "Dada" or "bammaw" (Scoobish for Grandma).

But the absolute favorite thing I love to hear, though I hear all to rarely, is "Thatsa mine". Music to my ears. I love it when Scoobish is that easy to understand.

I know that as he gets older, there will be less Scoobish to understand. As for now though, all the Scoobish leads to real words, and that excites me. I know someday this too shall pass, and my baby, my last baby, will be a big boy. *sniff* *tear*.

And I'm okay with that. Half Most of the time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follow

I really enjoy Fridays. Besides the obvious that the weekend is here, I really enjoy Friday because of Friday Follow. Once upon a time, a younger shadow of myself used to be a club hopper. That younger version of self is delighted to be able to blog hop, and let me assure you. Friday Follow is the best bloghop around. Not only do I find lots of great new blogs, but I make new friends too. Who could ask for more? So, come play along. You know you want in on this action.
Friday Follow

Follow Friday is easy to join up in. Go visit the 3 hosts listed here: One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades. Follow the instructions listed on their page. Follow them (and they will follow you back). Link up, and join in the fun!!

And remember, I'll follow you back. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-A Scooby Moment

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batboy! (Sound effects optional)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Blogger: three pugs & a baby on Life Lived Through Roller Coasters

I am taking a break. It's been a busy month and it's only just started. Please give a warm Drama Mama welcome to my guest blogger today. You first met her on Friday (well, some of you) and loved what she had to say. Today you are entertained and once again enthralled by Jenn at three pugs & a baby as she talks about..well, you'll see. Enjoy!

I am delighted to be able to join you again this Tuesday!

The Drama Mama asked me to whip up a little something on "life" and "roller coasters," and I'm going to be honest with you. It's been a tough topic. I got about 3/4 of the way through a post this morning and scrapped the whole thing. 

It's a bad writing habit of mine.

Let's see if this is better. 

I could give you the old party line, comparing the two, and telling you to roll with the ups and downs and enjoy the ride, but where's the fun in that?

Instead, I'll try a different direction. Where I'll talk about how convenience and efficiency doesn't always improve quality of life.

Complete with a vintage photo.

You can consider me a roller coaster junkie of the old-school variety. Give me a towering metal or wooden behemoth with straight plummets, loops and barrel rolls, and I am a happy, happy girl. 

One of my earliest memories is riding the now-closed Big Bad Wolf with my aunt in Busch Gardens. One hundred thirteen feet high, with a 99 foot drop and reaching speeds of 48-50 mph, it was the ultimate in speed and thrill at the time (mid-1980s). It was also one of the first suspended coasters, dangling from the track, instead of riding on it like a train car.

Scary stuff.

My mom and my aunt, both bona fide "ride haters" probably drew straws behind a souvenir tent to see who would accompany me. I'm guessing it came down to who was least likely to get carted off in an ambulance. My aunt "won."

I think she still harbors resentment. (And yes, that is an authentic picture of the top of my head from the 80s, probably taken with a disc camera).

But I loved every second of it, and couldn't wait til the next time I could get strapped in with an over-the-head harness (or not, if you happen to be on the Seaside boardwalk) for a thrill ride.

My current favorite is a tie between Everest at Animal Kingdom and The Hulk at Islands of Adventure. Probably leaning towards The Hulk because I am pee-in-my-pants terrified of animatronics and ride Everest with my eyes closed so I don't have to "encounter the Yeti."

However, it seems theme parks are pulling away from roller coasters, in favor of simulated rides. You know, the ones where you essentially watch a pretty realistic movie, while your seat bounces all around, but at the end of the day, you don't really go anywhere. 

I don't get it.

On the one hand, I'm claustrophobic, so being trapped in a soundproof room that invariably smells of gym socks is not super exciting to me. Secondly, I get incredible motion sickness (Ah, the irony. Don't worry, it's not lost on me.), especially when I'm feeling particularly contained. For me, the challenge of a simulated ride is to see how quickly I can sprint for the bathrooms when the seatbelts unlock. 

I give myself points for hurdling over small children.

But the worst part? It's all fake. 

Sure, you might get to take a space flight to Mars (Mission: SPACE), or embark on a Star Wars adventure (Star Tours), but none of it's real. It's nothing but a glorified bus ride, where you stow your belongings in the under-the-seat cargo net and watch a kind of dizzying movie.

But theme parks see things differently than me. It's clearly less of a liability to keep guests contained in an air conditioned theater with a few hydraulic effects, than to send them out on a narrow track to do battle with acceleration and gravity. They can also load more guests into a collection of theaters, which keeps turnover at a high rate.

But something gets lost in that translation. It's all smoke and mirrors, and no substance. It's the easy way out, the convenient thing to do. And that's not how I want to live my life.

I want to have to tuck my flip flops under my butt and leave my sunglasses with a friend on the ground so they don't go flying off my body, never to be seen again. 

I want my photo taken by a stealth camera, just as the coaster cars start slipping over the the peak of the tallest precipice, my expression one of nerves and excitement, mixed with a dash of fear and anticipation.

I want my stomach to lurch and my heart to pound for 90 thrilling seconds, and I want to spend the next few minutes breathless and weak-kneed, flying high on adrenaline.

Most days, I like to live simply and smoothly, but sometimes, it takes those risks and bumps in the roads (or 90 ft plummets, as the case may be) to really appreciate the little everyday things.

And I'm always going to be up for the ride.

This post comes to you from 3 pugs & a baby. We'd love for you to pay us a visit anytime!

So, let's hear it. How do you like your roller coasters? Do you prefer the safety of the simulated rides or the thrill of the track, always leaving you breathless and anxious for more?


Post-It Notes Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and we all know what that means!! It's Post-It Notes hosted by Adventures of a Wanna-be Supah Mommy. Go over to her blog for instructions and make sure you link up when you are done so the rest of us can check out your post-its too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Your Average Steak

If you are ever passing through Fredericksburg, Va. make sure you are hungry. You absolutely must stop and dine at a little place called Sully's Seafood and Steak.

Jellybean was at a sleepover party so GC and I took Scooby out to eat. GC suggested this restaurant as he has heard glowing reviews. We enter the restaurant and the hostess greets us immediately. The decor is tasteful and inviting. The restaurant is not overly crowded so we are seated right away. The waitress comes immediately to help us settle in our seats, asks if we need a high chair, and takes our drink order. She dutifully returns with our drinks and chats with us for a minute or two then places our appetizer order immediately (we ordered onion straws. I did think that as an appetizer, the portion was a bit small). GC decided that Scooby's food should come first, so she ran off to put his order in as well (are you seeing a pattern here?). I am not a seafood eater, and I always get chicken. But, this is a seafood and steak house. I'm expecting some good steak. I order the 12 oz ribeye upon the suggestion of 3 staff members.

Have you ever heard that a good steak needs no sauce? Yep. Uhm hmmm. It was THAT good. It was so tender, it melted in my mouth. I felt like I was eating in slow motion just so I could savor each and every juicy, delicate bite.

The meals came with a choice of 2 sides. GC chose a vegetable blend and cole slaw. He made a fatal mistake. Scooby had himself a taste of the cole slaw, and that was all she wrote. Now, in order to understand, you need to know that Scooby loves to share food. He will share his as much as he will share yours. I mean it's almost like his motto. But this coleslaw? It was like trying to steal a binky from a baby. He grabbed the little bowl and held it close. He cradled it. He sang to it. He puckered his lips and tried to kiss it eat straight from the bowl so he wouldn't have to put it down. He was having NO part of the bowl being set on the table, nor was he sharing. It was, and I quote, "Mine!!". He demolished that coleslaw like he was a wrecking ball on a mission. Only once the bowl was empty did he finally give it up. I thought I was going to have to start tucking it in at night alongside his Tigger and blanket!

We finish eating, and receive the bill. It was a pleasant surprise that it was lower then we thought it would be, costing us about the same as it would had we gone someplace like Olive Garden or TGI Friday's instead. We leave with filled bellies, satisfied palates, and smiles on our faces. This will find itself at permanent residency on our Top 3 list. You really must treat yourself next time you are passing through.

Sometimes I think life is like that steak. I go on about my day... ordinary, simple, expected. But every once in awhile, when I least expect it, and need it the most, things change up a little bit. Things actually go the way they are supposed to, and you get to savor the deliciousness. You slow down, let the wind blow through your hair and lift your face to the breeze. Your heart sings. Your spirit soars, and you embrace the moment. When it is gone, you can still distinctly remember the taste on your tongue. And it is good.

Are you drooling yet? I haven't stopped drooling since Friday, when three pugs & a baby stopped in as the featured blog and left us with a little somethin-somethin for the weekend. She is returning tomorrow as a guest blogger. I have a feeling my mental palate will be as satisfied as my eating palate was on Saturday night. Stop in to see what she has to say.

Do you ever have "steak" days? Leave me a comment and tell me about them.

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