Friday, January 14, 2011

BSOW: Monkeys, Warriors & Eye Candy


You've met today's Best Scoop of the Week once before during my Raising Awareness Week last Fall. She gave us a gorgeous post on Holland. This lady really rocks my socks off. I met her first through another website, as we were pregnant with our youngest sons together. Hers arrived first, a bit earlier than expected.

She is an incredibly super mom (and Supermom), caring for the special needs of 3 of her 4 sons, advocating for them for their rights to learn and receive an appropriate education, that meets their needs, no matter how different they may be. This is one tough lady I'd want in my corner (and she has been!).

In addition to playing mommy to 4 boys, 2 of which are twins, she just graduated from college with her masters in special education. Did I tell you this lady rocks?

She talks about how very special her youngest is. She's shared with her readers how embarrassing little boys can be. She's got elephants in addition to her monkeys. She's even flown to Amsterdam International and discovered the beauty of Holland. She's even got a special needs support blog she calls Parent Warriors.

I am honored to share my ice cream with Missy from 4 Little Monkeys today.

BWS tips button

And do you know Missy even brought us a treat....or three?

When the Drama Mama asked me to write about my first celebrity crush I had to think really hard. Everyone who knows me knows that right now I have a HUGE celebrity crush on Alexander Skarsgard. Just look at him and you’ll know why!

My tastes have evolved over the years, though. Drama Mama asked me to write about my first celebrity crush so let’s go back, way back to my 13th year. You have to picture me as an awkward teenager with a bad haircut, tall and skinny, braces…exactly what most of us looked like at 13. When most girls my age were debating the finer qualities of New Kids on the Block members I was debating things with my father like who was the better baseball team, who was the better pitcher in Major League Baseball. I happen to have been a tomboy at the time and had no thought of boys.

I was what you refer to as a late bloomer that was until one day when my dad took me out of school early for a special “daddy daughter day”. We had those often where we’d go to the mall, out to eat, or watch a sporting event. When my dad pulled into a car dealership I became confused until we walked in and I saw this guy standing there.

We got his rookie baseball card autographed, a baseball autographed, and I got a picture with him. For the life of me I have no clue where that picture would be now. I had been collecting baseball cards for about a year at this point so I was thrilled. Thus started my decade-long obsession with Mike Mussina. I even accepted my first job after college in Maryland hoping to see him play (and make him Mrs. TiredMom). After he moved to the Yankees I ended up switching my celebrity crush to another fine gentlemen. He was a lady’s man and even played one in the movies, Sean Connery. When my husband and I were dating, he tried to woo me with the voice. It’s all in the voice with Mr. 007. Sadly for my husband, it didn’t work.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Happy Friday, y'all. Enjoy the eyecandy. See ya Monday with a special GIVEAWAY!!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: Last Rites

Are you looking for my Writer's Workshop? It's over on my new writing site: My Write Side. Note: this particular entry is very dark, very sad, and not easy to read, but it needed to be told.

Welcome! Tell 2 truths and a lie and make us guess which is the lie.

You've played this game before, so why not join The Scoop on Poop and CA Girl every Thursday by:

1. Grabbing the handy little button on the sidebar
2. Posting your 2 truths and a lie
3. Link up
4. Reveal your lie the next week!
5. Visit others who link up and leave a comment guessing their lie.

It's that easy!! You know you want to play!! Link up today!!
Last Week's Fact or Fiction

1. I love melted cheese on just about everything but hate cold cheese.  
True. I really can't handle cold cheese. Did you know it really DOES taste different when its melted. Yep. Especially American cheese.

2. I hate tomatoes but I love spaghetti and pizza.
True. I do love pizza, spaghetti, ziti...just about any pasta with red sauce. No chunks please. It's raw tomatoes I don't like. Something about the seeds.....ick. Oh, and tomato soup? Ick.

3. I have to smell every bite of food before I can eat it, but I won't sniff the milk before I chug it.
False. This is not true for me, however, my BFF's husband does this every time he eats. And I wonder why it takes her so long to get home from dinner....

2 Truths & a Lie
I had fun. I had a blast, and I hope you did too. And I may continue to do this, but not as a meme. So many weeks go by with no participants, it's time to bite the dust. 

Au revoir, 2 truths & a Lie Thursdays. 

Is it lunch time yet?!?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PINT: I Married a Redneck

Only Parent Chronicles

I know I married a redneck because...

I know my husband is a redneck because....

I know I married a redneck because...
 (and it drives me crazy!)

My husband is a redneck because...

I know I married into a redneck family because...

And finally,

Could YOU be a redneck too?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Blog: The Discovery of a Purse Blogger

It is my pleasure today to have Laura AKA The Purse Blogger guest posting here on The Scoop on Poop today. Enjoy!!!

Hi Everyone!  I am so excited to be guest posting here at The Scoop on Poop today and I want to thank The Drama Mama for giving me this opportunity.  Isn't she the best?  I just love her and am so glad we have gotten to know each other better.  Ahh, the beauty of Twitter.  It rocks. 

I hope you are not sick of me.  I think I have something that will remedy that if you are. LOL! 

The DM gave me the topic of "I Discovered" and it kind of threw me for a loop.  I thought wow, what can I write about on that?  After a few minutes, something came to mind and it is something I've thought about on different occasions but it didn't seem right to share it, until now.

We all know what "Womens Intuition" is right?  There's a reason we have it.  We may not always listen to it but it's there.  I used to be famous for ignoring it.  If I wanted something and was told it wasn't the best thing for me, I'd ignore it.  Sometimes it didn't matter much, but other times it did.  

I went through a really hard experience a few years ago with some women I thought were my friends.  I am not going into the whole story of it here but a little part of it.  I had a really good friend who turned on me.  I couldn't understand it and was in agony over it.  I turned to a mutual friend for help and support.  First mistake.  Did you catch the word mutual there?  While she seemed to be there for me and feel for me, she wasn't.  My husband saw through it, my other good friends saw through it, but I didn't.  At first.  

As the time went on she would start saying and doing little things that would cause me to wonder.  But I ignored again.  I defended her.  I told everyone she wasn't like that.  I was wrong.

So, you are probably wondering what the topic of "I Discovered" has to do with this.  I'm getting to that.  Because it was a big lesson for me.

We were on the phone one day having a completely normal conversation.  She had just had a baby and was telling me I should drive out to her house to see him.  I mean seriously, there was nothing in this conversation that was weird or suspicious.  Completely normal.  But, as we were talking, the overwhelming feeling that this would be the last time I would talk to her, ever, came over me.  This feeling was telling me she was absolutely not good for me.  It was that feeling that I finally listened to, that I finally realized she was not a true friend to me.  Call it weird or crazy but it's true.  I couldn't ignore it any longer.  

That was in 2006.  I haven't talked to her since.  She did attempt a few times to talk to me but I didn't respond.   What really confirmed that feeling to me was a few weeks later, a good (and trusted) friend of mine called me up to tell me some things she had heard was being said about me by this so-called friend.  While I won't go into it, trust me, I knew I had made the right decision.  The things she said were extremely laughable and utterly ridiculous.  She has no idea I know she said these things.  She has no idea that she was telling someone who had a connection to me.  It just goes to show that you should be careful what you say.  But that isn't the point of my post.

The point of my post is that I finally discovered that I should have been listening to my instincts all along.  I do now, let me tell you.  And I realize I always should have.  They are given to us for a reason and they won't steer you wrong.

Have you ever ignored that little inner voice? 

Thanks for hanging out today, Laura!! This was a fabulous post.

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